Dearest Maryanne

Dearest Maryanne
I’ve been watching you
Please call me if you can
I think so much of you

You’re beautifully disgusting
In a special sort of way
Its inexpressively inspiring
How you brighten up the day

Perhaps you would consider
Spending some time with me
I will be so bitter
If you say no to me

Please bless me with a date
We could eat some dinner
Something that you hate
So that your belly gets no bigger

And you could assalt my ears
With your simple minded banter
You could bore me close to tears
With your gossip and your slander

It would be enough to gaze
Into your bovine eyes
To contemplate the maze
Of your conflicting lies

And after our large meal
My hand on your stout hip
We would leave the restaurant
That I neglected to tip

The school is not so far
We could stroll bathed in moonlight
Since I have no car
And my pocket book is slight

They’d have to let us in
Since you are so devine
With your tears and my grin
Our tickets would be mine

We’d step out onto the floor
I would take your hand
We’d dance as long as your
Rotund legs could stand

And when we are both through
A spittle ridden kiss
Between me and you
Ah, it would be bliss!

So what do you say?
Let me take you to the dance?
Afterall its February…
The season of romance!