Left Behind

I sit alone under the night sky
Every sparkle above is not a star
I listen to the wind listen to me cry
The one I reach for is far too far

These tears, they burn but still I weep
I won’t let the pain get away
Life, it comes so goddamn cheap
And it leaves the same damn way

Why can’t we all just love tomorrow
The way children love today?
But all you ever felt was sorrow;
All I ever wanted was for you to stay

But my love was not enough
To keep you by my side
Life I guess was far too rough
For even you to abide

You couldn’t see the love in me
In everyone that cried
The night you left your family
When you gave up and died

You thought that you were all alone
That no one would miss you
You thought you could just drop the stone
That life felt like to you

But when you gave up and left this world
Did you even think of me?
Right now you fly with wings unfurled
But I’m in agony

So here I sit with bitter tears
I caress a sharp edge knife
The consummation of my own fears
My thoughts on my own life