The Choice

I had a dream you went away
I dreamed I cried all night for you
Cried and cried for you to stay
My tears are real, my nightmare true

Daddy daddy please don’t die
Don’t leave me and mom alone
Don’t make your love for me a lie
Don’t leave me before I’m grown

If you loved me you wouldn’t leave
You’d be content to watch me grow
And I’d never have a need to grieve
You’d hold me close, never let go

But you lost your will to fight
I though you were my superman
You lacked the strength to do what’s right
You gave up and let me down

I asked you why you had to leave
Why you couldn’t stay with me
You said baby girl please believe
This isn’t up to me

But Dad you know that that’s not true
The doctor said you smoke
He said that that’s what’s killing you
And why my heart is broke

So why daddy, please tell me why
Why I have to cry
Why I have to say goodbye
And why you chose to die