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The Jouney Begins

Sarah Dickson

Sarah Dickson

Hi there. My name is Sarah, and I want to be a writer. You probably already know this about me, otherwise you wouldn’t have found your way to my blog. First of all, thanks for reading. Right now there isn’t a lot to look at. In future visits you may find short stories, writing prompts, idea snippets, scenes from my developing novel, progress reports on my first Nanowrimo challenge, and miscellaneous ramblings from the depths of my weird brain.

Up to this point, I’ve invested time in the pursuit of my dream to be a published novelist. A lot of time. Time spent writing, reading, studying, dreaming, analyzing, and agonizing… This blog represents the first monetary investment in that dream. As a single mother, investing both time and money is a pretty big commitment. But if you know me, you know I’m all in.

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey. There is a long road ahead of me, and I could sure use the company.


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